Battery Industry

Increase power with high-quality connections

Connected battery systems and assemblies are essential for power-demanding industries of all sorts, such as transportation, industrial facilities, and reserve energy. These widespread applications require battery cables that perform in harsh conditions and environments that call for varying degrees of flexibility, temperature fluctuation, extreme heat or flame exposure, oil and acid resistance, and more.

Direct Wire’s highly durable and versatile battery cables meet or exceed stringent industry standards and OEM specifications, including SAE, UL, RoHS, CSA, and more. Our Booster/Duplex, SGR, and SGT products are the ideal solution for series and/or parallel connections within automotive and vehicular applications, controls and transformers, as well as industries where uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is critical for operations.

Applications for Battery Cable

  • Automotive and Vehicle
  • Boat and Marine
  • Heavy-Duty and Agriculture
  • Utility and Emergency
  • Performance and Motorsport
  • Internal and External Appliance
  • Grounding and Starter
  • Battery Bank Wiring
  • UPS and Battery Backup
  • Inverter Wiring
  • Booster and Jumper Cable
  • Charger, Motor Lead, and Power Hookup


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