Welding Assemblies

Stingers / Leads / Clamps

Direct’s pre-assembled welding stingers/whips, leads, and ground clamps combine our industry-best Flex-A-Prene® and Ultra-Flex® products along with genuine Lenco- and Tweco-brand components for excellent conductivity and maximum power transfer. Built to outwork and outlast, our welding assemblies feature 30 or 36 AWG SAE J1127-rated copper stranding, meet NEC Article 630 (Electric Welders) standards, and are RoHS compliant.

  • SAE J1127 compliant
  • NEC Article 630 (Electric Welders)
  • Ready-to-use; no on-site cutting, crimping, or terminating
  • #1 welding cable used by pipeliners
  • Superior flexibility and smoother pulling


Assembly Types
  • Stingers / Whips
  • Leads / Extensions
  • Grounding Clamps
Cable Types
  • Flex-A-Prene® (30 AWG SAE)
  • Ultra-Flex® (36 AWG SAE)
Connector Types
  • Genuine Lenco and Tweco Components
  • Electrode Holders
  • Ground Clamps
  • Terminal Connectors
  • Cable Connectors, Lug, and Splicers
  • Male/Female Plugs and Receptacles
Flex-A-Prene® Cable
  • SAE J1127 Compliant
  • NEC Article 630 (Electric Welders)
  • Suitable for battery use per UL 558 and 583
  • REACH, RoHS, CMRT, and Prop 65 Compliant
Ultra-Flex® Cable
  • SAE J1127 Compliant
  • NEC Article 630 (Electric Welders)
  • REACH, RoHS, CMRT, and Prop 65 Compliant
Assembly Lengths
  • Available at 25', 50', and 100'
  • Custom assembly lengths available upon request
  • Coiled, shrink-wrapped, and boxed
High Flexibility
  • Finer base stranding and greater strand count allow products to bend more easily and increase lifespan in flexing applications
Enhanced Safety
  • Superior mechanical and resistance characteristics provide safer handling and easier cable management in the field
Lighter Weight
  • Proprietary components and efficient cable construction deliver significant weight savings without compromising performance
Extra Durable
  • High-quality jacket compounds provide long-term durability and protect against hard usage and harsh environments
Jacket Colors (Flex-A-Prene®)
  • Black (Standard) Blue Green Red Yellow
  • Custom striping available upon request
  • Custom colors available upon request
Jacket Colors (Ultra-Flex®)
  • Orange (Jacket) Black (Stripe)
Marking Options
  • Quick Print®
  • Surface Print
  • Indent Print
  • Logo / Icons / Branding
  • Sequential Marking