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Safely connecting people and power

Power generation and distribution are essential to any industrial, commercial, or emergency operation. While transmitting an energy current, it is critical for power cables to maintain a controlled connection from the source (station, generator, etc.) to the intended load (building, equipment, etc.). Performance requirements and safety specifications must also be appropriately met.

Direct Wire’s power cables—such as Dura-Flex® Type W and PPE/PPC—and assemblies are engineered and manufactured to the highest industry standards, ensuring optimum functionality, protection, and dependability. This superior quality makes our products ideally suited for permanent and temporary power applications, such as portable and industrial generators, mobile light towers, HVAC units, installed standby generators, and pumps.

And no matter the use, professionals trust our power products will consistently perform under a variety of challenging conditions, including extreme temperatures, exposure to chemicals and oils, challenging spaces, wet and corrosive environments, and abrasive surroundings.


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