Power Assemblies

Temp & Perm Power Assemblies

Direct’s power assemblies are industrial grade cable systems used within environments requiring permanent or temporary power supply. We combine our superior cable products—such as Dura-Flex® Type W, SOOW, DLO, and PPE/PPC—along with genuine components for optimum functionality, protection, and dependability. Durable and versatile, these power assemblies are commonly deployed for portable generators, rental equipment, HVAC systems, oil and mining, and motor/battery leads.

  • Manufactured to the highest industry standards
  • Essential to any industrial, commercial, or emergency operation
  • Ready-to-use; no on-site cutting, crimping, or terminating
  • Superior flexibility and smoother pulling


Assembly Types
  • Type W Assemblies
  • Type SH Medium Voltage
  • Pin and Sleeve
  • Spider Box / California Standard Cord
  • Edison Extension
  • Pigtails / Tie-ins
Connector Types
  • Cam-Lok™ Connectors
  • Pin and Sleeve
  • Twist-Lock
  • Straight Blade
  • Wetguard®
  • Compression Lugs
Industry Specs*
  • UL Listed and CSA Compliant
  • NEMA Rated
  • NECA Permitted
  • MSHA Approved
  • RoHS and Prop 65 Compliant
  • (*) Dependent on cable, connector, and assembly type
Assembly Lengths
  • Available at 25', 50', 75', and 100'
  • 3' and 5' available bare and lug (Type W)
  • Custom assembly lengths available upon request
  • Coiled, shrink-wrapped, and boxed
High Flexibility
  • Finer base stranding and greater strand count allow products to bend more easily and increase lifespan in flexing applications
Enhanced Safety
  • Superior mechanical and resistance characteristics provide safer handling and easier cable management in the field
Lighter Weight
  • Proprietary components and efficient cable construction deliver significant weight savings without compromising performance
Extra Durable
  • High-quality jacket compounds provide long-term durability and protect against hard usage and harsh environments
Jacket Colors (Dura-Flex®)
  • Black (Standard) Blue Green Red Yellow
  • Custom striping available upon request
  • Custom colors available upon request
Jacket Colors (Other)
  • Black (Standard)
  • Custom striping available upon request
  • Custom colors available upon request
Cam-Lok™ Colors
  • Black Blue Green Red Yellow White Orange Brown
Marking Options
  • Quick Print®
  • Surface Print
  • Indent Print
  • Logo / Icons / Branding
  • Sequential Marking