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Our in-house capabilities to tailor products, ensure on-time delivery, and support customers.

At Direct Wire, we understand wire and cable products are not one-size-fits-all. With continually changing business objectives and specific requirements, customers need capable and reliable supply partners now more than ever to deliver solutions that keep their business moving forward.

Direct Wire’s value-added services complement our manufacturing capacity and core product portfolio to provide customers with individualized solutions that address their current and anticipated needs.

And, with distribution warehouses located in Denver, PA, Houston, TX, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA, customers are assured they are receiving the correct product when it is needed and how it is specified.

Color & Striping

Direct Wire’s color capabilities and innovative striping process enable customers to quickly and accurately identify owned cables on the job site, bring branding elements into their operations, and assign colors and stripes for specific functions or safety.


Our outer jackets and internal conductors use colorants engineered directly into proprietary rubber and plastic compounds, delivering greater value than alternative methods such as dyeing or applying topcoat.

Direct Wire’s permanent cable coloring makes for easier, faster, and safer wire and cable management on any project or job site, including identification, installation, tracing, repair, and replacement.


In 2000, Direct Wire pioneered an advanced manufacturing method to incorporate a permanent colored vertical/longitudinal stripe directly into its extruded jackets. 

Our striping capabilities allow customers to differentiate cable type and purpose, distinguish ownership to deter theft, and promote company branding—similar to Direct Wire’s popular Ultra-Flex welding cable with its trademark orange jacket and black stripe.

Close up of ultra flex welding cable

Printing & Marking

Our ink and indent printing systems apply customizable markings to cable jackets for various identification purposes and applications, including accurate footage (or sequential) markings, industry standards and approvals, physical and mechanical characteristics, branding, and more.

Ink Print

Direct Wire’s exclusive Quick Print® service offers two unique methods to apply customized ink markings along the outer cable jacketing to help identify cable types and function, convey company branding, and deter theft.

Our high-speed inkjet (non-contact) and print wheel (contact) systems apply extra durable, easy-to-read letters, numbers, and unique characters to mark and label cable as specified by customers.

Indent Print

For a more permanent identification solution, Direct Wire’s indent printing capabilities mark the cable jacket with debossed lettering, numbering, and other special characters that are the same color as the outer compound and require no reprint maintenance.

Indent technologies are integrated directly into our manufacturing process to ensure consistent and accurate markings press into the jacket material without impacting internal conductors, insulation layers, or cable performance.

close up of Flex-A-Prene heavy duty welding cable

Direct Repair

Direct Repair is our in-house maintenance and replacement program that helps customers lower their total cost of ownership, avoid unplanned maintenance, and improve uptime and performance. From Direct Wire’s specially equipped workshop, our qualified professionals carry out thorough product inspection, length adjustment, connector replacement, and spark testing. 

Direct Repair Process Overview

  1. Product is received and entered into Direct Repair system. Primary inspection is conducted and quote is submitted to customer for approval.
  2. Customer approves repair and technical personnel is assigned. Product is assessed for additional faults, staged, and disassembled.
  3. Product repair is carried out and spark testing is conducted. Completed repair is sent to cleaning station and final quality check.
  4. Repaired product is packaged and prepared for return to customer. Final invoice is generated after shipment.
Direct Repair

Copper Recycling

Adhering to ethical and sustainable operations, Direct Wire offers a unique Copper Recycling Program to provide a competitive scrap return solution for customers—taking back copper wire and cable products, whether ours or those made elsewhere.

This convenient process offers simple and consistent rates based on COMEX market pricing, with the dollar value applied as a credit towards future orders.

We maintain industry best practices for safe and responsible recycling, delivering a valuable, secure, and environmentally conscience service to our customers.

Copper Scrap

Private Labeling

Direct Wire offers a private labeling option to select wholesale and distribution partners who need exclusivity while filling inventory gaps or broaden portfolios. This strategic program keeps manufacturing and quality systems under our control, while private label partners are empowered to market and sell under their established brand.

As no two companies have identical needs, no two private labeling agreements are the same. Combining our manufacturing capacity and expertise with each partner’s unique specifications delivers a flexible, individualized, and mutually beneficial solution for business growth and competitive advantage.

Private Label


Direct Wire’s production facilities and ordering entry systems are networked in real-time with our distribution warehouses in Denver, PA, Houston, TX, Portland, OR, and Los Angeles, CA. This level of advanced integration, paired with our nationwide footprint, brings speed, simplicity, and efficiency to the fulfillment process—ensuring customers receive the correct product when and where it is needed.

Speed & Accuracy

Stock orders are rapidly fulfilled the same or next business day from our distribution facilities. We have processes in place that ensure proper inventory levels and order accuracy, giving customers peace of mind that they are receiving the correct product on time, every time.

Simplifying Freight

Our strategically located distribution facilities translate to a fast and efficient shipping experience, with industry-best lead times, online shipment tracking capabilities, as well as reduced overall transportation and freight costs. More information can be found in our FREIGHT POLICY.



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